We create films that

challenge cultural norms.

A Culture-Shifting Movement

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Our thought-provoking film series addresses the following themes.


Who controls the news? Billionaires or news corporations.


Is the goal of education mind control or critical thinking?


Are politicians really the ones in charge?


Are traditional religions blinding you from finding God?

Pop Culture

Is the goal of Hollywood to entertain or deceive us?


Is the feminist movement destroying the traditional family?


Who benefits the most from immigration?

Social Media

Do social media platforms want to build community or mine your private information?

Social Justice

Is social justice really about justice or revenge?


Is the real goal of AI to make our lives easier?

What we offer

Fresh Perspectives

Ask the tough questions.

What we cover

Controversial Topics

Question your assumptions.

What you gain

Greater Awareness

Understand how society works.

Our current culture is in chaos because certain

ideas have gone unchallenged for decades.

We create films that challenge cultural norms,

so that you can discover the truth yourself.

Our culture is in chaos, because our institutions lie to us for their own personal power and financial gain. We all want truth in a culture that is constantly deceiving us. How do we go about seeking truth? Where do we start? Do we have the courage to find truth or stay in our delusion?

We can find a way out by asking strategic questions and allowing those answers to guide us to the truth. By simply watching our content you are confronted with challenging questions that lead to a greater awareness.

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By watching the film you’re confronted with challenging questions.

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What others are saying

Rebecca Carter

It disturbed me. I had to watch the film several times. There are so many layers to it.

George Levine

It's the first time I actually saw an agenda laid out in an entertaining way.

Natalie Forsythe

The film disturbed me for a couple days. I kept thinking about it.

Zack Reid

My wife felt like she was actually observing a real event. She got lost in the story.

Jake Gillum

It's a film you can't unwatch. It truly challenged my core beliefs.

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